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Oscar's Reviews

“CASINO ROYALE is the best Bond film and I’m prepared to defend it as such”

Remember that feeling you had while watching THE DARK KNIGHT that this was transcendent blockbuster entertainment? Yeah, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT (written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie) is here to bring back that feeling and crush all expectations with a blockbuster that fully delivers in spades.

Two years have passed since the capture of Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) and the destruction of The Syndicate in ROGUE NATION but leftover rogue agents are planning a new deadlier attack of cataclysmic proportions and bring about the creation of a new world order unless Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and the IMF can stop them.

McQuarrie, the only director of the franchise to return for a second film, beautifully expands upon the excellent ROGUE NATION with tight, suspenseful and character driven storytelling that goes for broke to craft something truly special and spectacular. Working with cinematographer Rob Hardy (EX MACHINA and ANNIHILATION) he constructs some of the most suspenseful and astonishing action set pieces I’ve ever seen – including a terrific HALO jump scene and a breathtaking helicopter chase that is mind blowing.  

FALLOUT feels grand with a purpose where every action scene actually factors into the narrative and informs character dynamic and relationships. McQuarrie even manages to pay off threads that have been in the franchise since MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III and continues to craft great character work for newer characters like Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) and Lane. Not an action scene is wasted and the ambition is through the roof – as each one escalates as it progresses. McQuarrie proved he could handle big action in ROGUE NATION with standout sequences like the airplane carrier or the motorcycle chase or even the opera scene but in FALLOUT he seems determined to go bigger and crazier than ever and pushing what this franchise can do with action to a level that is reminiscent of how Nolan pushed what comic book movies could be with THE DARK KNIGHT.

In terms of performances the cast is spectacular and play so well off each other with Cruise leading them in a performance that pushes his Hunt character, physically and emotionally, further. While supporting characters like Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg or Alec Baldwin shine in a really great way and ROGUE NATION breakouts Ferguson and Harris expand their characters in wonderful ways. Fresh faces, though, like Angela Bassett and Henry Cavill (who delivers a breakout performance here) are terrific additions to the franchise.

The MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE franchise has been one upping itself and intent on becoming the best action franchise since III and with FALLOUT it really does cement itself as that. This isn’t just a great action film but rather a game changer for the genre – this is a colossal achievement that proudly stands alongside the titans of the action genre like ALIENS, DIE HARD, TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, HEAT, and THE DARK KNIGHT. McQuarrie’s film is the type of rare action film that fully transcends its genre and shatters it to new heights – its smart, tightly plotted, focused and flawlessly constructed. MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT feels like a grand call to action filmmakers and shows what can be done when practical action is pushed to the limits and photographed with gorgeous IMAX cameras, scored to a pulsating Lorne Balfe synth-y score and incorporates real stakes with characters you care about.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it and you should without a moment’s hesitation, is to watch this film in the biggest screen possible and preferably in IMAX.