This page contains articles and think pieces about a variety of topics within the realm of entertainment.  Here, our writers discuss what they are passionate about, outside of the normal reviews of new releases.

What is Hooked on Movies?


At its core, Hooked on Movies is a Rotten Tomatoes style website that compiles reviews from a team of college students so that other students can look on the website and see how people like them feel about movies that have released in theaters or on Netflix that week. Right now, film criticism is dominated by 40+ year old men and women who live in New York and LA. As college students, how we spend our time and money is more important now than ever before, so we need a better way of deciding what movies to watch in theaters or on our streaming services.

So that’s the central idea: create a platform for college students to post their thoughts on movies and entertainment in order to inform other students about what is worth their limited time and money.  In addition to the reviews, Hooked on Movies will also publish articles, video essays (down the line), and a podcast every two weeks. Everyone is welcome to be a part of any of these other aspects of Hooked on Movies, so please let us know if you’d be interested in articles, podcasts, or video essays in your application on the contact page.

Zac Powell