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American Vandal Season 2 Review

Last year’s sleeper hit Netflix show, American Vandal, began with a simple question: “Who drew the dicks?” It sounded sophomoric at first, but became a darkly funny and smart look at the underbelly of a modern high school under the guise of a true crime mockumentary.

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Ben Lively
Sharp Objects Season 1 Review

Directed and edited by Jean-Marc Vallée, Sharp Objects follows the story of Camille Preaker, a journalist located in St. Louis, who is coerced by her boss to return to her hometown to report on a series of brutal murders. Vallée, who prior to Sharp Objects also directed highly acclaimed TV series Big Little Lies, offers an approach that is diligent and evidently more intense than any of his previous work. Based on Gillian Flynn’s debut novel, Sharp Objects is an enthralling take on the complexity and dark side of womanhood.

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Lord of the Rings Trilogy Marathon

If there’s one thing gained from attending El Paso’s Alamo Drafthouse marathon of THE LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy, it is that these films remain the gold standard of the fantasy genre for the cinema. Seeing them all back to back, presented in their intended extended formats, was absolutely perfect and one of the great cinematic adventures of this year. Looking at them through a retrospective lens one can see the incredible canvas that these films play with; everything from the groundbreaking work of miniatures to the operatic score by Howard Shore holds up magnificently.

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