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Nathan's Reviews

"Moana changed my life"


Hereditary in my opinion is the best film that has come out this year and is one of the best horror films I have seen in a while. Many horror films I have seen just throw out random jump scares to try and get a quick jump out of the audience, but these can become predictable and repetitive. Hereditary is not that kind of movie. Instead of using some lousy jump scares Hereditary chooses to play with the audience’s mind throughout the entirety of the film, showing some gruesome and twisted scenes.

What I loved about Hereditary was how in the dark I was. While watching the movie I found myself lost and confused on what exactly was happening, they would throw in these little details that feel like they do not matter, but by the end of the film they tie up all the loose ends and connect everything so perfectly I left the theater terrified, asking myself what the hell did I just watch.

If you like horror films, Hereditary is terrifying and a must watch.