This  is what we're all about

This is what we're all about

Although Hollywood has been improving in terms of diversifying casts and crews, there is one area often overlooked:

Film criticism is a trade dominated by older men and women.  Sites like Rotten Tomatoes use reviews written by people almost exclusively over the age of 40.  And while there are a few exceptions, the vast majority of people's opinions on whether a movie is worth seeing or not are based on the thoughts of these older critics living in New York and LA.

The mission of Hooked on Movies is to create an inclusive platform for the next generation of critics, writers, and filmmakers to share their experiences and thoughts in the form of movie reviews and articles. These reviews and articles can help inform other, like-minded young people when it comes to what movies are worth their valuable time and money.

It is our hope that we can score movies from the perspectives of a wide range of individuals - for a wide range of individuals. 

Any college age person can write for us, the only requirements are a love for film and a dedication to writing two reviews every month.

For the NPR interview of Zac Powell and Hannah Mathes of the Hooked on Movies staff, click here.