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Michael's Reviews

"Name a movie, and I've probably cried during it."

Ant-man and the wasp

Gone are the days when super hero movies offer their viewers something fresh and innovative.

Now, expect the expected. In the newest film to join the Marvel movie shelf, we see the studio once again churn out another cookie cutter action-adventure comedy.

My biggest problem with this film is not actually anything it does wrong, but what its studio has done in previous films. Over the years we have watched Marvel, I guess I should say Disney now, take beloved comic book characters with rich, wide-ranging personalities and turn them all into the same snarky, quippy, one-liner machine. And that is fine for a character like Scott Lang; that is who he is. But when Thor and Hulk are doing the same schtick it just lessens the effect of the constant barrage of humor that is in this movie (and all Marvel movies for that matter).

Despite that, the movie is fun and the action scenes are very exciting to watch. I loved watching Scott and Hope work together when fighting goons, particularly when they are going in and out of shrinking and back to human size.

The villain is forgettable but that is about par for the course these days.

Overall, you could be fine watching the post credits scene on YouTube and not really miss anything.


Mamma Mia! Here we go again

All I can say is: Lily James, Lily James, LILY JAMES!

A little background on myself. I grew up listening to my father's childhood music of the 70's and often watched musicals with my mom while she was grading paper's. So a movie musical filled with ABBA songs? I knew going in that no matter what, I would most likely end up enjoying this film. And I did.

I re-watched the Mamma Mia! in preparation for this film and while i think it is a more concise film with a more structured plot and actual story to tell, I can't help but say i had more fun watching Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again more. The musical numbers did not feel as shoehorned into the middle of scenes and the transition between song and dance and then back to reality were very seamless.

The best part of this film was easily Lily James playing the young Donna Sheridan. She steals every scene she is in, and I found myself wanting more and more of the younger "Donna and the Dynamos". Speaking of the Dynamos, and all the younger counterparts for that matter; this may be the best casting I've seen in a long time. Each one of them seems to capture the charm of their "adult selves" while also making the character their own.

If I had to pick a favorite musical number from the film it would be the finale of Super Trouper. It even had my musical-hating friend, who I dragged to the theater with me, humming it out of the theatre.


As a Disney fanboy, this has been a long time coming.

I still remember playing on the playground with my friends while we acted out how we thought the fight with the Underminer might go in Incredibles 2, which would no doubt be coming out in a year or two...

Fast forward 14 years and one Incredibles' video game later and here I am, like so many of my fellow movie-goers, a 20 something year old adult seeing a kids movie.

This movie is fun, and you should leave with a smile. The action scenes are very exciting, my favorite being the opener of the film against a certain mole-like villain. Humor is big (shocker) in the film as well. They used just the right amount of Edna and Jack-Jack which had me grinning from ear to ear. At another point, the struggling stay-at-home dad Bob decides to take his family out for dinner and what follows is one of the funniest things I have seen in a Pixar film.

Once again, Pixar has pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible in the animation department and this film is no exception. It was absolutely beautiful to look at and I'm sure by the time this review reaches you, Pixar will already be working on even more gorgeous animation. Those guys never stop. That being said, this movie is not without its faults, which are heightened by the fact that it's predecessor is arguably Pixar's best film (Although I am partial to Ratatouille, but I digress). If they were cookies, the first film would be your grandma's homemade recipe, and the sequel would be a box of cookies found at a supermarket.

The biggest weakness was the lack of a credible villain. Syndrome gave us someone tied to our hero's past and was a viable threat to not only the Parr family, but Supers in general. The "Screen Slaver" leaves a lot to be desired, and is downright obvious from the moment the plot starts to roll along.

The plot was predictable, the villain was lackluster, and (most of) the new heroes introduced don't really make any memorable contributions, but the fun action scenes and the beautiful animation make up for any faults in the script.


Also the short film that plays before is a joy to watch, and like most Pixar shorts, left a tear running down my cheek before the feature even played.