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Kirsten's Reviews

"I’ll PROBABLY give every animated film I review a perfect score, cause that’s just how I am."


Guaranteed one of the best thrillers (if not the best) of the year. I’m going to be honest, my main interest in this film was to support a pre-dominantly Asian American cast. Much to my surprise, I walked out of the theater with so much more. This is one heck of a roller coaster ride, that leaves the pit in your stomach satisfied. 

It is fascinating how within the past few years, the “internet horror/thriller” genre has taken off and become a fairly popular trend. Many, whose only tangible facet is the fact that it takes place behind a computer or phone screen. Searching, on the other hand, manages to tell such a compelling story and uses its present day technology as a proper tool. 

Minor spoiler: I was particicularly fond of the opening scene’s storytelling style. The use of technology to tell the story, it really set the tone for the rest of the film. Also, established really good pacing for the film’s storytelling mechanics. 

John Cho delivers such a performance as David Kim. Of course, you feel for him, you want him to crack open this mystery about Margot (his daughter). Debra Messing delivers a great supporting role as Detective Rosemary Vick. 

In addition to being a great mystery/thriller, the film does a great job tackling the hardships of communication between parents and their kids. David is naive to the things Margot is going through. And has to realize that everything cannot “fix itself.”

You never really have this film figured out. Not until the credits roll do you feel comfortable enough to breathe and relax. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not a huge fan of anything mysterious, scary or thrilling. Whether realistic or not. But, Searching is that exception. You have no choice but to give in, and allow this film to take you on ups and downs as it comes to a blindsiding conclusion. 

Loving the Asian American representation this year. More John Cho please! Because why not? 

One of my favorite films of 2018! Go see and support this film!


To all the boys i've loved before

tatbilb image.jpg

This had me grinning from ear to ear the whole time. I love a great rom-com that reminds me how lonely I am lol. That’s what they’re for, and this nailed it. What’s great about this film, compared to other book to film adaptations, is that it translates well both ways. Even haven’t read the book, you can easily picture how the plot flows, and how the writers translated the story to film. All in all, it was easy to follow.

Lana Condor is amazing as Lara Jean Covey. Not once, was I bored or offset with her performance. Same goes for the rest of the cast. There wasn’t a moment where I felt like this was a teeny cliche movie, filled with mediocre acting and countless plot holes.

Without a doubt, one of my favorite rom-coms ever.

Set It Up

Crazy Rich Asians

Now, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before?

What a year for great rom-coms (with representation)!


Ocean's 8

I’ve never watched the other Oceans films in their entirety, yet, here I am. I love this cast so much. I think it’s hard to say the movie didn’t do them justice. At least, not without acknowledging the repetitive and clichey plot lines of Oceans films (which I’m familiar with for the most part), that this sequel could not get away from. I think everyone worked. I got a lot of laughs from majority of the cast. The comedy was subtle, and not overdone.

I think the issues with this film lie within the first 15 minutes, and during the subsequent dry patches throughout. Surprisingly, I didn’t get bored with the introductions, because again, I love this cast so it never felt like a drag. As for the dry patches, the “framing my ex-boyfriend” storyline got old. I didn’t particularly like Daphne (Anne Hathaway) joining the team either. I think the plot was more fun with her as a subject for their con.

I think it wouldn’t have hurt for the film to be slightly shorter. The Met Gala scene would’ve been a better finale. It was my favorite, and most entertaining. Unfortunately, once that scene ended, I wasn’t as interested in the final 20 minutes.

Yes, to all-female casts. Yes, to all-female cast films where they all win and prosper. Yes yes yes to it all!


ant-man and the wasp

Did they mean, The Wasp and Ant-Man? The Wasp and Ghost stan REPORTING. I was here to see Hope suit up, and enjoy Ghost's introduction into the MCU, but I left the theater with so much more! Thoroughly enjoyed this one more than the first. Very fun. Made me forget the pain of Infinity War (temporarily). There were some low points comedic wise. That didn't stop me from getting a lot of good laughs out of this much-needed MCU film. Didn’t really have a typical villain, I like that. Honestly, I don't think of Ghost as a villain at all. I loved her redemption story, and appreciate how the writers didn't decide to lazily remove her (kill her off). Excited to see what her future holds. Has been such a great year for women in film, let alone superhero flicks.


incredibles 2

We love an Elastigirl solo film! Before I get into that review, I want to address Bao! As expected it was very sweet and warm. Domee Shi did that for sure, the story was close to home for her, and it showed. If you don't understand it's metaphor, please think a little deeper before bashing. Let's not stop at the first woman EVER to direct a Pixar short. We need more!

I remember sitting in the theater watching Incredibles 1. Being in awe of how realistic the animation was. Indeed, it was amazing for its time. Honestly, I didn't think you would be able to see much of a difference in Incredibles 2. Uh wow! The 14 year gap really shows. The facial and body movement animations for everyone were great. What's cool, everyone looked the exact same, just enhanced in every way possible. Like other recent animated films (Moana, Coco), Incredibles 2 really puts into perspective how far animation has come over the past 14 years. Plot-wise, I'm not that much of an Incredibles lover to be in denial about this movie being extremely predictable. It was! However, I feel like having a predictable villain was the only thing it failed at compared to its predecessor. I don't care, but I'm a SUCKER for a film with a leading lady. Yes, Elastigirl kicked butt as a happily (very) domesticated superhero in the first, but she stepped out completely in this one and I'm here for IT! I think what I enjoy most about this one, is how Brad Bird and rest of the crew were able to balance parallel story lines without allowing one (Bob being a stay at home Dad) to feel like a drag to watch. Both stories were equally entertaining and a joy to watch. Yes, I think this one is funnier. Did anyone else catch Rocket Raccoon's cameo? I love Elastigirl, but we all know that Jack Jack stole the show. The Avengers NEEDED him, Thanos whom? He and Edna's newfound relationship was so unexpected and I loved every minute of it.

Without a doubt, the wait was beyond worth it! Brad Bird has done it again. 6-year-old me was living for this entire hour and forty-five minutes. I'll end my review with this, and keep in mind it has now been about two months since I've seen it, I still believe Incredibles 2 is overall better than the first.


Deadpool 2

Cable: “Who are you?”

Deadpool: “I’m Batman”

Didn’t enjoy it more than the first. However, it was still a blast! Ryan Reynolds once again brings so much energy and charisma to Deadpool. This sequel even does a great job of humanizing Wade (especially in his relationship with Vanessa) as a very lovable guy with a big heart. The countless pop culture references are always hysterical.

“And you’re my Kristen Dunst”



The story of my LIFE!

Josh Brolin didn’t really do much for me as Cable. However, I still enjoyed watching his progression as villain turned ally. Zazie Beetz is AMAZING as Domino! She gave such a great supporting role. I’m glad she is now in the Marvel universe amongst the other badass leading ladies.

X-Force!!! X-Men Cameo!!! Negasonic & Yukio!!! UH THOSE POST CREDIT SCENES!!! Deadpool 3???

Excited to see how Disney’s new ownership of FOX will affect Deadpool’s future films!