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Jackson's Reviews

"Joey, have you ever been in a turkish prison?"


Another Lionsgate film that doesn't beat you over the head with its ideas but instead takes an authentic voice to the theaters through dominant performances and creative dialogue.

I was moved by Diggs’s acting and felt the connection between him and Casal. The poetry and dialogue are my favorite aspects of the film. Their rhythm and adlibbed rapes helped me emphasize with their characters. The stunning visuals combined with their performances drove home the message that the director intended, and has stuck with me.

Although I loved it, the script did present a lack of structure I found frustrating. The movie speaks about looming threats to black men, but the protagonist faced conflicts by sheer coincidence. It works as a way to keep throwing Diggs character into action he doesn't want, but at a certain point, the passivity grows tiring.

This is currently one of the most influential films of the year for speaking loudly while not getting caught up in trying to delivering a grand metaphorical look on society (looking at you Sorry to Bother You). I highly recommend everyone see it, especially those unaware of the harsh reality the film presents.