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Emma's Reviews

"Yeah, my ratings are inconsistent. You got a problem with that?"

mission impossible: fallout

same old, same old


+ good action scenes (tom cruises’s stunts!)

+ some funny moments


- again fails in the department of representation. four female characters and the VAST majority of, if not all, background agents are still male? right. part of this movie literally takes place in south asia yet there is not a single south asian with a speaking role that i can recall.

- i hate movies where you know exactly what is going to happen before it happens, and this is one of the movies where you could even guess huge plot points from the trailer.


• i want henry cavill and/or rebecca ferguson to spit in my mouth, either is acceptable but both would be appreciated.

• more predictable than i remember other mission impossible movies being, but if you can ignore that it’s a solid action movie.

• fits the mold of other new mission impossible movies. if you liked ghost protocol and rogue nation, you’ll probably enjoy this.

• they will never be able to top the first mission impossible.

just a random sidenote, but will the stakes EVER be real in a MI movie? very few times have actual bad things happened in these movies. it would be nice to see some REAL fallout from ethan’s mistakes someday.