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Austin M's Reviews

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Slender man

The three acts of Slenderman are each so tonally different that they might as well be three different movies.

The first act isn't terrible, but its fairly boring. The main characters watch a spoopy video and get some spoopy texts.

The second act is actually not that bad. It has some good moments with great tension.

The third act, however, oh, the third act. The third and final act is so unbelievably over the top, it may as well be a comedy movie. I found myself bursting out loud with laughter at how exaggerated some these scenes were.

None of the characters in the film are likable in any sense. They are all shallow and self-centered. The kids seem to forget to care about each other and only care about their survival. The adults might as well have been as irresponsible as the adults in IT's Derry, Maine.

However, if you go into this film expecting the level of quality the game was, you'll enjoy it about as much as I did. I reccomend seeing this for matinee price in the cheapest theater you can find.