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Alizeh's Reviews

"I’d join the Breakfast Club, but I’m not a morning person."

To All The Boys I've loved before

Just to clarify - I'm really not a rom-com person. I can't stand cheesy romance at all. So I expected to be sort of nauseated by this movie. Admittedly, during the first half of the movie I wasn't totally into it - I was sort of put off by what I thought was a lack of realism. The plot was unlikely, and some of the basic movie cliches were there - the best-friend-turned-enemy, the invisible girl-popular boy dynamic, the boy-next-door, the retro cafe as the main character's regular spot, etc. But as the movie went on, I realized that it wasn't unrealistic at all, at least not in the way that matters. The dialogue wasn't corny, the lead acting was so natural I forgot it was acting, and the emotions hit home. I can't exaggerate the number of times Lara Jean expressed feelings and I thought, "yeah, I've definitely felt that way," so strongly that it almost hurt sometimes. I even surprised myself by crying at parts that might not even be emotional for others. That's the beauty of this film - it hits home in subtle ways that are different for everyone. I think anyone could relate to parts of this movie, in big or small ways.

And I haven't even mentioned the ways that this movie is a monumental improvement the basic rom-com. There was real, raw chemistry between the actors. The representation was phenomenal, completely normalizing an Asian-American lead without using her as a token at all. The movie was unusually wholesome...attractive male characters who are consistently respectful and treat girls well, serving as good role models for boys? No sex? No putting down girls for being inexperienced or innocent? I'm impressed. This is a movie that everyone can and should watch. I'm so down for a sequel.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Not sure why Owen and Claire still have no chemistry on screen.

Not sure how the best tracking animal to ever live couldn’t sense 3 people on the other side of a sculpture in the middle of an open room.

Not sure why cold-blooded murder in any capacity was necessary in this movie. It didn’t fit with that specific character, not was it crucial to that story arc. One of the few times that a convenient natural death would actually have made sense, too. There’s already dinosaurs killing people every which way...must we add homicide to the mix?

Not sure why decades later, these people still haven’t figured out why attempting to create, domesticate, and weaponize dinosaurs just doesn’t work out. Jurassic Park/World is a great franchise, but unless writers can figure out a different theme, this has to stop. I’m getting concerned with the level of repetitiveness.

Not sure why, despite its glaring flaws, I was still kind of entertained. Not my proudest movie-going moment. A tip: turn your brain off to enjoy. Don’t think about it too much after, either.

I give this movie a C+. Watch it if you’ve got nothing else to watch; it’s a mildly entertaining way to kill 2 hours.