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Abhishek's Reviews

"Can I get post-credit scene with a side of mid-credit scene?"

Three identical Strangers

Small movie with a big impact

I went into this movie with absolutely no clue about the details of this real life event except the basic intriguing premise of how the triplets were reunited after being separated at birth. This was my first time watching a docu-drama on big screen and it was a bizarre experience.

The movie starts as sweet and exciting tale of how the 3 brothers met and became inseparable within moments but takes an sharp descend into dark place. It is an emotional rollercoaster ride attempting to unveil the past involving the separation and uncovers harrowing details about their lives. That said, this movie is pulls the audience in as evidenced by low gasps in the theatre, compelling the viewers to ponder on effects of such an event. As with today’s trend on mystery -thriller docu-series, it leaves open questions and doesn’t provide a definitive ending.

Its not a great family watch but it is an astonishing story for those not familiar with it and well directed by Tim Wardle.